Assorted colorful sand pails and bucketsIf you think sand buckets and pails are just for building sand castles, you’re only scratching the surface of the many creative ways in which they can be used!

Here’s the top 10 most creative ways we found:

  1. Use at the beach for a greet day in the sun. OK, so this is the most common use, but nothing’s more fun at the beach than a sand pail and shovel — dig trenches and fill them with water, build sand castles, bury your friends in the sand, collect shells in them… the fun never ends!
  2. Planning a kid’s birthday party? Plastic sand pails make a great start to a really cool goodie bag. Just fill them with bubbles, small toys, and trinkets and send every kid on their way with a bucket full of fun!
  3. Creating summertime floral arrangements? Plastic sand pails are a creative way to add sunshine to your arrangements… equally cool fill with a plant, too.
  4. Putting together care packages or gift baskets? Use colorful plastic sand pails as your containers… they’re fun for kids of all ages (adults love them, too)!
  5. Hosting or planning a beach-themed event? Use a sand pail as the base for your table centerpieces… fill with sand, shells, and an LED candle, or use flowers, balloon weights, or whatever goes along with your theme. This is a great centerpiece idea for any summertime party, whether on the beach or not.
  6. We read about a hotel that was located on the beach that was hosting a conference and wanted to incorporate the beach into their event theme and activities. Rather than having guests come off the beach for the catered lunch, they took the lunch to the guests. They filled plastic sand pails with wrapped sandwiches, chips, and a bottled drink and served their guest right on the beach.
  7. Plastic sand buckets and pails make great buffet servers at summertime parties. Line the buckets with parchment paper or plastic wrap to protect the food, then fill with chips and snacks for the buffet tables.
  8. While we are on the subject of summertime parties, fill sand pails about 3/4 full with ice and put canned and bottled drinks in them, then place them at every table and around the space at the party… you’ve brought the drinks to the guests!
  9. Use sand buckets at kids’ parties for games such as bean bag toss… or fill them will craft supplies (markers, glue, glitter, and more) and create a craft corner.
  10. Sand pails are ideal for storage… use them around the house to store toys, craft supplies, hair accessories, and more. Or, fill them up with items to keep the kids occupied and take them on your next road trip.
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