Reuse Hallmark CardsEver since Dollar Tree started selling Heartline, a Hallmark Company, and Expressions from Hallmark cards, I have been stocking up on them all the time! No matter what time of year, if I am in the store, I always stop by their card aisle to check out the latest cards from Heartline, a Hallmark Company, and Expressions from Hallmark. The designs are absolutely adorable and even if there isn’t a holiday or occasion, I still stock up on my favorites.

I also tend to save most cards given to me, whether it be from my parents, husband, kids, or my friends… although, this usually leads to me storing them away in a box. Rather than having an overload of cards or throwing perfectly good cards away,  I have finally found multiple of ways to reuse them.

So, get ready because I am going to share with you my top 10 ways to repurpose greeting cards. Once you check out some of my ideas below, you will want to start saving all of your greeting cards, too!

1. Create Cute Customized Gift TagsReuse Hallmark Cards

Most cards are colorful and filled with patterns. Turn them into gift tags by cutting them into various shapes. You can even layer them to give more dimension and to add a customized effect. Did I mention that it also saves you money on buying gift tags?!

Simply trim the card to your desired shape making sure that there is no writing on the backside of the card (if there is you can always cut and glue a piece of construction paper to cover up the writing). Next, hole punch your tag and tie a piece of pretty ribbon to it for attaching to gifts!

2. DIY Garland DécorReuse Hallmark Cards

If your hosting a party or even just looking to jazz up your décor, why not reuse some of your old greeting cards to create a custom garland! Pick out some of your favorite greeting cards designs, cut them into triangles (or whatever shape you prefer), and glue a piece of ribbon or string to the backside. Don’t forget to make a loop on either side of your ribbon or string for easy hanging!

3. Picture-Perfect Framed PhotosReuse Hallmark Cards

Have you ever seen or received a card where you absolutely loved the design? Me, too! Rather than throwing it away or putting it in a box, frame it instead. Not only do you get to reuse your favorite card, but you get a cute decorative accent as well!

4. Fun DIY PuzzleReuse Hallmark Cards

My kids have been obsessed with puzzles lately, which is what sparked this idea to create puzzles out of old greeting cards! Simply draw out the different puzzle shapes on the blank side of the card, cut out the pieces, and voila… your very own DIY puzzle! You can always glue the card to a piece of poster board or cardboard for extra thickness and durability.

5. It’s Scrapbook Time!Reuse Hallmark Cards

Let’s face it… scrapbook accessories can get expensive! Instead of buying various patterned paper and stickers, reuse some of your old greeting cards you have laying around the house. You can cut them into fun shapes to use as stickers on your pages, or cut a boarder out of them to use as frames for your pictures. The possibilities are endless!

6. Save Money on Gift BoxesReuse Hallmark Cards

When giving gifts, it isn’t just the gift you give, but rather the gift, a box, and the wrapping paper. Skip having to buy all the accessories that go along with gift-giving and turn your old greeting cards into gift boxes! Not only can you use them as boxes, but their colorful designs also mimic wrapping paper. Simply draw out a square shape onto your card. Next, draw half circles around the edges of your square. Then, cut out your drawn shape to include both the square and the four half circles. Finally, glue a a decorative square to the center of your box, place your gift inside the box, and tape or glue your box shut by closing the four half circles. Don’t forget to add a “To” and “From” gift tag for a personalized touch!

7. Send a Customized PostcardReuse Hallmark Cards

Transform your greeting cards into postcards! Simply, cut the front side of the card away from the rest of the card. If the backside is blank, then write your message on that side. If there is writing on that side, glue a blank piece of construction paper over the writing. Now you are ready to write your postcard message!

8. Make a New CardReuse Hallmark Cards

Looking to save some money and help out the environment?! Why not reuse an old card and turn it into a new one! Simply cut a piece of construction paper to the size of your card and glue it to the inside. Allow the glue to dry and then write your own creative message.

9. Endless Collages!Reuse Hallmark Cards

Let me tell ya… greeting cards are prefect for collages! The amount of variation you get with cards from different occasions means you can create a multitude of designs and patterns. Frame it and voila, you have an affordable – and adorable – piece of art for your desk or wall.

10. Adorable Binder CoversReuse Hallmark Cards

Rather than printing out a piece of paper with a design on it for your binder cover, try reusing some of your favorite greeting card designs instead. Perfect for binders at work, at home, or even for your kids school binders!

Looking for additional tips for your greeting cards? Check out this annual birthday and holiday card hack!

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