3 Organizational Hacks for Spring

March 4, 2019  |  Tips & Hacks  |  Written by
The Dollarista

Organizational Hacks for SpringHave you caught the spring-cleaning bug yet? I love to keep an organized space for my kids and I to share news and keep track of important tasks and dates. Therefore, I came up with these three easy hacks that can help you clean up and get things organized in your home or workspace this spring. Gather up a few unlikely household items that you may already have on hand to create a fresh and functional organization-station!

The Supplies You’ll Need:

  • Cookie Sheets
  • Small Magnets
  • Nails and Hammer or Command Hooks®
  • Empty Milk or Juice Jug
  • Serrated Knife or Box Cutter
  • Paint
  • Labels
  • Gift Bags

Memo Board MakeoverOrganizational Hacks for Spring

Use Dollar Tree’s cookie sheets and magnets to create a magnetic memo board! Add additional stickers, paint, contact paper, and notepads to personalize it and make it your own. Easy to prop on your desk or hang on the wall, keeping all your task lists visual and on-hand.

Crafty ContainerOrganizational Hacks for Spring

Use an empty milk or juice jug to create a supply container. Use a serrated edge to carefully cut out a section of the jug. Paint, label, and fill it with all of your necessities!

Decorative StorageOrganizational Hacks for Spring

Use gift bags as decorative storage. Add to a pin board or command center wall to organize and hold your receipts, to-do lists, notepads, and more! The sooner you start the sooner you get to relax in your freshly cleaned space. Plus, we have tons of amazing tools to help you get started organizing your space. Check them out!

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