Sensory Play Ideas for Kids

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Have you heard of sensory activities? They’re used more and more by parents and teachers to encourage young children to explore and investigate their surroundings. Sensory means that they stimulate many different senses like touch, sight, sound, and more which are said to help improve motor skills, coordination, and concentration. We’re sharing three easy and effective sensory activities for kids using a few household supplies, courtesy of Dollar Tree’s Value Seekers Club®!

Lava BottleSensory Play Ideas for Kids

Who said science can’t also be cool? When you and the kids find yourselves bored on the next rainy day, a lava bottle is a cool sensory science trick that is as much fun as it is educational. Acids and bases, oil and water… it’s two science experiments in one groovy project. Plus, it’s just plain cool to watch! Get the idea here.

Rainbow Rice SandboxSensory Play Ideas for Kids

Unable to travel south this winter in search of warmer weather at the beach or the park? Create your own getaway at home with this clever sensory activity: a rainbow rice sandbox. Fill a plastic storage bin with uncooked rice dyed with food coloring. Add in toys and small shovels, then let the kids dive in and play. Get the idea here.

Time Out BottleSensory Play Ideas for Kids

It’s a familiar scene in every household with kids: a young child is sitting in time out. Instead of quietly reflecting, he or she is squirming, screaming, or getting impatient. Create a time out bottle to help keep them calm and let them shake out their frustration… literally! Made with glitter, glue, and water, this sensory bottle can even be used as a DIY timer. Once the glitter settles to the bottom, their time out session is over and they’re free to go. Get the idea here.

Want more ideas like these? Learn how to make your own moon sand or homemade glubber and stay tuned to the blog for new ideas every week!

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