3 Summer Snack IdeasPlanning to host a beach bash this summer? Or maybe you are just looking for a fun way to prepare snacks for your kids this summer? No matter the case, you’re in luck because not only have I come up with 3 adorable snack ideas, but they can all be made on a budget and I’m here to show you how to do it! If you’re looking to make something on the sweet side, then my swimming crab gelatin snacks are sure to satisfy those cravings. To balance out your taste buds, make something savory by using pre-made dip such as sour cream and onion dip from Dollar Tree and top with a chip for dipping.

The best part is, you can prep your ideas ahead of time creating the perfectly-themed summer snack food. These three cute grab-and-go finger foods are great for kids to snack on while enjoying some fun in the sun!

  1. Beach Cups3 Summer Snack Ideas

Gather These Ingredients:

    • Yogurt or Vanilla Pudding
    • Graham Crackers
    • Teddy Bear Cookies
    • Mini Umbrellas
    • Mini Spoons
    • Candy

Layer yogurt or vanilla pudding, crushed graham crackers, teddy bear cookies, and mini umbrellas in clear cups to create a yummy and cute beach cup! You can even add in additional candies as well such as Lemonhead® and Pop Rocks® for an extra sweet surprise!

  1. Swimming Crabs3 Summer Snack Ideas

Gather These Ingredients:

    • Blue Gelatin
    • Clear Cups
    • Red Gummy Candies
    • Toothpicks
    • Mini Spoons
    • Optional: Black Icing, Googly Eyes, Glue, and Yogurt)

Layer blue gelatin (pre-made or make your own, can also add blue food coloring as well if making from scratch) in clear cups and use red gummy candies and toothpicks to create little floating crabs! Freeze mini yogurt circles and top with a dot of black icing for the eyes (or you can glue googly eyes, just note they are not edible). Add a spoon for a delicious dessert.

  1. Sailboat Dip3 Summer Snack Ideas

Gather These Ingredients:

    • Ramekins
    • Dip (French Onion Dip, Tuna Salad, etc.)
    • Tortilla Chips

Load ramekins with creamy dip such as French onion dip or even tuna salad and top it with a triangle tortilla chip to create a sailboat. You’ll want to sail away with this savory appetizer!

Looking for additional mini apps to snack on this summer? Try out these chicken and waffle bite-sized apps!

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