Affordable Anniversary Gift IdeasIf you’re lucky and in love, celebrating anniversaries each year is centered around reminiscing about special memories, making time for one another, and focusing on all the reasons you love each other! Rather than spending lots of money on an expensive store-bought anniversary gift, try one (or all three) of these handmade, thoughtful, and affordable ideas. They can all be made with a little time, a lot of love, and a few $1 supplies from Dollar Tree.

52 Reasons Why I Love You Cards

Turn a deck of playing cards into a sweet stack of 52 handwritten reasons you love your significant other. What a thoughtful way to repurpose a pack of cards! Using a pen or marker, write one reason on every card. On your anniversary, give him or her this set and play a friendly game of cards together. While you play, take time to go through each card and talk about all the reasons you wrote down, making your loved one feel extra special!

365 Love Notes in a Jar

A glass jar, a pen, and pieces of paper are the only supplies you need to create this little gift packed with big sentiment. Cut paper into 365 small strips, one for every day of the year. On each piece, write down a quote, special message, date night idea, or any note your heart desires. Fold and fill your jar with these love notes and give this to your other half on your anniversary, but don’t open the notes yet! Keep this jar on your nightstand or in an easy-to-reach place in your kitchen or living room so that every day for the next year, he or she can pull one love note from the jar to read.

Song Lyrics Picture Frame

Customize a Dollar Tree matted picture frame with a special photo of the two of you. Along the matted border, use a pen or marker to handwrite the lyrics to a special song or the words to a poem that has meaning to you both. Let the ink dry and place your picture inside. Whether it’s your first dance song from your wedding or a song you just love singing together in the car, your special someone will love and cherish the thought and time you put into this picture-perfect gift.

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