3 Ways to Craft Using Playing Cards

September 10, 2019  |  DIY & Crafts  |  Written by
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Crafts Using Playing CardsAre you hosting a game night? Well, adding just a few fun pops of décor can elevate your ordinary game night, trust me! My family and I are big on game night and play games at least once a week if not more! Lately, we have even begun hosting game nights with our friends as well. I love being a host and decorating for every event, so I decided to spruce up our place a bit with card crafts. I made a wreath using cards for our front door, favor boxes made out of cards to pack goodies in, and even gift tags made out of cards to hang on the favors. Check out the steps below to see how I made each idea!

1. Playing Cards Wreath

Crafts Using Playing Cards

Welcome your guests over with a fun wreath decked out with a deck of cards! Arrange and glue a pattern of playing cards to a wreath form until it’s completely covered. Finish the look with a spread of royal flush!Crafts Using Playing CardsCrafts Using Playing Cards

2. DIY Gift Tags

Crafts Using Playing Cards

Create gift, party, or favor tags. Just hole punch the end of a card and add a ribbon for hanging! Attach to a prize for the game winner or use as party favor tags!Crafts Using Playing Cards

3. DIY Gifting Box

Crafts Using Playing Cards

Wrap a small box in cards, applying with glue. Use a scissor to trim cards for a seamlessly covered box. Fill it with coins, use it as party decor, or as a party favor box!Crafts Using Playing Cards

Looking for additional games to play for your game night? Create this fun tabletop toss game that the whole family can play!

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