3 Ways to Use Beach Balls in Teacher Lesson PlansSummer break is so close, I can taste it! Looking for a fun way to engage your class during a lesson plan before the school year ends? I love turning any teaching opportunity into a game to help keep everyone entertained and excited… all while learning new things! With just two needed supplies, a beach ball and black marker, you can use this idea in a variety of ways. Plus, beach balls are lightweight, making it safe and easy for small children to toss and catch inside of your classroom. Or, take your classroom outside to enjoy the spring or summer weather… it’s up to you! Use a permanent marker if you’ll be playing the game over and over, or use a dry-erase marker if you want to change out the writing for a future lesson plan.

Check out three awesome ways to play beach ball learning games!

3 Ways to Use Beach Balls in Teacher Lesson Plans - Question and Answer Game1. Question & Answer Game

Write a variety of questions all over the ball and take turns tossing the ball between classmates. The question your right index finger lands on is the one each student should answer! Keep score if you’d like by adding points for correct answers or leave the activity competition-free. You can also set a timer to give each student a certain number of seconds to give their answer.

3 Ways to Use Beach Balls in Teacher Lesson Plans - Math Trivia2. Math Trivia

Write numbers all over the ball to help teach addition, subtraction, and multiplication. Have each student catch the ball with two hands. The two numbers their hands land on are the numbers to solve in the math equation! Keep the numbers low for younger children, or make them higher to challenge older students.

3 Ways to Use Beach Balls in Teacher Lesson Plans - Scavenger Hunt3. Scavenger Hunt

Strengthen problem-solving skills by creating a scavenger hunt! Write clues all over the ball that lead students to places on a map, locations around your classroom, and more. Get creative… the teaching opportunities are endless with this summer staple on hand.

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