Wedding planning doesn’t have to be stressful or expensive when you have a little help from Dollar Tree! Save time and money when it comes to planning the perfect, budget-conscious wedding with just a few tips and tricks. The smallest details can make all the difference! Here are four simple hacks that we’ve put together to help you get prepared for the big day.

1. DIY Program Fans

Once you have your wedding ceremony programs printed and decorated how you want them, glue each one onto a craft stick. This doubles your program as a fan, too! This small addition helps your guests keep cool and comfy while they follow along as you exchange your vows and say “I do!”

2. Seating Chart Stickies

Use a poster board and small sticky notes to plan the layout of your reception seating before your wedding. Use different color sticky notes to color code guest names by bride or groom and friends or family for easy pairing. The sticky notes make it easy to remove and rearrange until you get your seating chart just right.

3. Kids’ Coloring Station

Are you having a kid-friendly wedding? If you’re allowing your guests to bring children, and if you want your ring bearer and flower girl to stay entertained during the reception, put together a kid’s coloring or activity station at their table. Simply attach craft paper, crayons, coloring books, small games, and more to a clip board providing endless entertainment. They’ll be occupied with fun activities while staying seated, allowing parents, grandparents, and other guests more time to enjoy the reception!

4. Glue-Stick-Sealed Envelopes

When you’re ready to mail out save the date cards, wedding invitations, or thank you cards avoid licking dozens of envelopes (yuck!) and use glue sticks to seal them. Stock up on a few $1 glue sticks and save yourself some time… plus, avoid paper cuts!

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