4 Easy Ways to Embrace Earth Day

April 10, 2018  |  Celebrations  |  Written by
The Dollarista

Plant Seeds for Earth DayDo you usually let Earth Day come and go without making a change? Up until last year, that was me, too! I had no idea that making just a few small changes at home could have such a big impact. Take it from me… I’ve stuck to just four Earth-friendly habits I started last year, and I feel like they’ve made a big difference. So, I’m sharing them with you, of course! Get your Earth Day on…

Light Up with LEDs

Earth Day Light BulbsSwap out your regular bulbs with LED bulbs! They give off as much light as regular bulbs while using less energy, and you may even see your electricity bill go down. Dollar Tree sells them for just a buck each and they fit any standard-sized fixture. Plus, they last up to 22 years based on an average use of three hours a day. If you’re looking to use even less energy, try Dollar Tree’s new halogen bulbs! They give off the equivalent brightness of a 100-Watt bulb and are also dimmable. This Earth Day change is a no-brainer.

Throw Out the Thermostat

ThermostatWell, not really… but just keep it turned off on really gorgeous breezy days. Open up the windows in your home instead. If you need to have it on, even just adjusting the temperature by one degree warmer in the summer could help conserve energy and save you money on your bill.

Ditch the Plastic Bags 

Reusable bagsThis is probably something you’ve been thinking about when you see reusable bags near the grocery store checkout line, but haven’t made the switch yet. Earth Day is the perfect time to do it! Stock up on $1 reusable fabric tote bags from Dollar Tree and take them with you when you grocery shop. Bonus: You’ll never bust through a plastic bag in the parking lot again! Are you TOTES convinced yet?

Get Your Garden Growing

Grow a gardenOkay, this one takes the most effort, but I promise the reward is worth it! I started my very first garden last year using seeds and supplies from Dollar Tree. Not only is gardening Earth-friendly, growing my own veggies saved us a ton of money on produce. Plus, I was able to start making homemade baby food for my son. Spend some time and energy perfecting your green thumb this month… you won’t regret it! Get started with these 6 Money-Saving Tips for a Garden on a Budget.

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