4 Incredible Dollar Tree Beach HacksTraveling to the ocean for a family vacation or taking a quick weekend beach trip this summer? Before you pack up, don’t miss this list of helpful beach hacks to make life a little easier by the water! We have four tips to help you hide your valuables, remove sticky sand, keep your drinks cold, and make snacking simple. Check them out and head to Dollar Tree to gear up for your trip!

Stash Your Cash in a Secret Hiding Spot

We recommend leaving your wallet at home, or at your vacation home, and only bringing the bare necessities to the beach. Take a water bottle (or any opaque bottle that has a wide opening), clean and rinse it out, and then use it to store your cash, keys, IDs, and small valuables. Keep the bottle tucked away in your bag, covered and out of sight, while you and your family enjoy building sand castles, catching waves, and enjoying the beachy breeze!

Brush Off Sticky Sand with Baby Powder

Add a bottle of baby powder to your packing list to keep in your beach bag. Why, you ask? Baby powder can remove sticky, wet sand from your skin much easier than trying to brush it off with just your hands. Have a blast going back and forth from the water to the sand, and when you’re ready to clean up, pour a small amount of baby powder in your hands. Then rub the powder onto the areas of skin that you want to brush off and wipe. This is especially useful before hopping in your car to head home.

Swap Ice with Frozen Water Balloons in Your Cooler

There’s nothing like an ice cold drink on the beach. Keep your beverages chilled inside your cooler for longer by ditching store-bought ice. The night before your beach day, fill up small water balloons with water and freeze them overnight. Dump them in your cooler when you’re ready to go, just as you would ice. Then tuck your drinks and snacks inside. Bonus Tip: When the frozen water balloons are no longer needed, place them in the sun to let them melt, and use them for a water balloon fight! Just be sure to clean up after you’re done with the fun.

Prep and Pack Your Food & Snacks

Think twice before filling your beach bag with separate sandwich ingredients, big bags of chips and pretzels, fruit containers, and a stack of paper plates. Prepare your meals and snacks ahead of time by packing each person’s food in sectioned plastic food storage containers. Not only will this make packing your cooler easier and save you tons of space, it will also help keep sand out of your snacks… making it easier to fuel up to have plenty of energy for fun in the sun all day long!

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