4 Mini Glass Bottle Gift Ideas!

November 1, 2019  |  Gifting

Mini Craft BottlesDon’t know what to give to your coworkers this Christmas? Maybe you need a gift for a neighbor or the mailman? No matter who’s on your list, Dollar Tree has a gift for everyone. Using mini glass bottles and various $1 supplies from Dollar Tree, you too, can create these 4 mini glass bottle gift ideas. These little bottles are just the starting point for any number of inventive DIY gifts! Check out below to see how to create them.

Stock Up on These Supplies:

  • 4-pk. Glass Craft Bottles
  • 3-pk. Laser Tape
  • Wooden Holiday DIY Stickers
  • 12-pc. Holiday Mini Bows
  • Faux Snow
  • 8-pc. Mini Trees
  • Assorted Glass Beads, Pearl Beads, or Metal Beads
  • 3-pc. Baker’s Twine
  • 16-oz. Assured™ Lavender Scented Epsom Salt
  • 0.7-oz. Supreme Tradition® Crushed RosemaryMini Craft BottlesMini Craft Bottles

Check Out These 4 Gift-Giving Ideas Below!

1. Bead Necklace KitsMini Craft Bottles

Have a crafty neighbor or a niece who is obsessed with jewelry? Gift them this “Make Your Own” bead necklace kit!

  1. Take your mini glass craft bottle and fill with assorted colored beads, layering between different colors until the bottle is full.
  2. Wrap Baker’s Twine around the top of the craft bottle and secure it with a bow, using an additional bead in the center.

2. Creative Treat HoldersMini Craft Bottles

Looking for a creative way to gift money this holiday season? Create these adorable treat holidays for everyone on your list!

  1. Fill each craft bottle with rolled-up cash, lottery tickets, movie tickets and/or a holiday message from someone special.
  2. Add a mini-bow to the top of the craft bottle by screwing the top over the twist ties on the bow.

3. Lavender & Rosemary Spa SaltMini Craft Bottles

Everyone could use a little R&R sometimes, so give the gift of relaxation with these lavender and rosemary spa salt gifts!

  1. Mix one pack of Assured™ Lavender Scented Epsom Salt with one bottle of Supreme Tradition® Crushed Rosemary and fill each craft bottle with the mixture.
  2. Finish the bottles with laser tape and star stickers.

Makes at least 8 bottles of soothing salts. Follow the directions on the Epsom salt package.

4. Christmas Spirit in a BottleMini Craft Bottles

Have a bah-humbug co-worker or just missing the snowy winters from “back home”?  Restore holiday magic with these mini bottles filled with faux snow and mini trees.

  1. Fill 1/4 of your craft bottles with fake snow.
  2. Next, take a mini tree and place it in the snow.
  3. Finish off your craft bottle by closing the jar and wrapping a bow around the top. Don’t forget to add a snowflake sticker to the bottom.
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