4 Teachers Rave About Dollar Tree

July 27, 2016  |  Teachers  |  Written by
Ms. Pennywise

Teacher with StudentsLooks like I’m not the only one who loves shopping for my classroom at Dollar Tree! I hear memorable experiences from teachers and homeschooling parents all the time about creative ways they’ve used Dollar Tree products in their classrooms and homes. My fellow teachers and I are absolutely thrilled that all the supplies we need for our desks, bulletin boards, lesson planning, and activities are just $1 each! Take a minute to check out these stories… they won’t disappoint!


Dollar Tree is My Go-To Store!

“As a school counselor with no budget, I am so grateful for Dollar Tree. It is my first choice for getting items for guidance object lessons, group, and individual counseling activities. For example, my favorite find was chipboard coasters that look like sandwich ingredients (ham, tomato, onion, bacon, lettuce, etc.). I often have students make a “strategy sandwich” as a reference for skills they are learning. On each ingredient of the sandwich, students write one strategy they can use as a problem-solving or coping strategy. When the sandwich is complete, we put their sandwich in a plastic sandwich bag and they take it home to use it there. Parents have been so appreciative to have an additional tool they can use to help their child work through the problem-solving process. Because of Dollar Tree’s great value, I am able a afford purchasing multiple sandwiches for my students, not to mention the many, many other items I’ve gotten at Dollar Tree!”

– MTGIRL from Billings, MT

Thankful Teacher

“I shop at Dollar Tree because there are so many amazing finds. It’s nice to be able to tell your fellow teachers that you got it at the Teacher section at the Dollar Tree. I work at a Title I public school and the Dollar Tree stores provide what you need when you’re on a tight budget, but still need to provide school and classroom supplies from your own pocket. I get new ideas from just shopping at the Dollar Tree. I love that I can create bulletin boards, a classroom management system, decorate my class for every holiday, fill up my learning centers or prize box, make holiday treat bags, and organize my classroom all at the Dollar Tree. This teacher appreciates all you do for us!”

– SEYERC from San Antonio, TX

Classroom Library

“I work at a Title 1 school, and the majority of students do not have access to books at home. I purchased books to create a classroom library. I used green and purple baskets bought from the Dollar Tree to color code all the books by reading levels. I also used the pocket envelopes I bought from dollar tree to glue in the back of the books. I created library cards, so students could check the books out of the classroom library. The Dollar Tree has helped me set up, organize, and arrange my classroom as well as provide treats for the treasure box in my classroom.”

– RAVINITY from Pensacola, FL

You Have Been a Blessing for My Students

“I teach preschool at a low income Catholic school. Supplies are limited and in poor condition. To do my job well, I spend a lot on supplies. Shopping in bulk online has brought new life to my lessons. I have been able to introduce exciting lessons to my young learners that they would other wise not have the chance to experience. Thank you for being the only store where dollar means all items are a dollar. P.S. After-school home-ec class has never been the same…”

– MARCIE3 from Cleveland, OH

Do you have a Dollar Tree teacher story you’d like to share too? Share your story at My Dollar Tree Story.

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