Baby Shower Game IdeasAre you hosting or helping plan a baby shower soon? Ditch the usual baby shower games and activities and check out these four fun ideas instead! No matter how big or small your guest list is, you can help stay within your party budget when you shop at Dollar Tree. While you’re stocking up on supplies for games and prizes, pick up other baby and toddler essentials, too. Where else can you find bottles, pacifiers, bibs, baby wipes, bath toys, and so much more for just a buck?

Make a Play-Doh® Baby!Baby Shower Game Ideas

Set out containers of Play-Doh® Modeling Compound in assorted colors on a side table and let each of your guests go there to “make a baby!” Everyone will have so much fun molding these colorful little dough babies and they’re sure to all look unique. Once everyone finishes their babies, show them each off one-by-one and let the mother-to-be choose her favorite to win a prize.

Baby-Themed Quiz GameBaby Shower Game Ideas

Test your guests’ baby knowledge with a fun quiz game! Before the baby shower, create a game board using foam poster board and blue or pink embellishments. Come up with three to four categories and label them on your board. Write down one question on each card, placing them in categories and numbering the outside of the cards with points based on difficulty. Use tape or glue to attach and arrange the cards on your game board with the questions hidden. At the party, divide guests into two teams and have them take turns choosing and answering questions. Tally up the scores as they answer correctly and the team with the most points wins!

Pregnancy Test GameBaby Shower Game Ideas

Create DIY “pregnancy tests” using wooden craft sticks, decorative craft tape, and markers. Write negative signs on all of the sticks except for one, and mark that one with a positive sign. Then cover the plus and minus signs with craft tape. At the baby shower, hand out a stick to every guest and have everyone reveal their “test results” at once. The person who has the positive test wins a prize!

Diaper MessagesBaby Shower Game Ideas

Stock up on diapers, sticky notes, and markers for your guests. Ask everyone to write an encouraging or funny message on an attached sticky note or directly on the outside of a diaper. At the end of the party, collect the diapers and give them to the parents-to-be for future late-night diaper changing sessions when they’ll most need encouragement and a good laugh. Not only will they appreciate the extra supply of diapers, they’ll love reading all the fun messages from friends and family.

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