5 Easy Back-to-School Lunch Box Hacks

September 4, 2018  |  Tips & Hacks  |  Written by
The Dollarista

Lunch Box HacksHeading back to school requires lots of preparation for students and parents. As a busy mom, one of the first things on my to-do list is figuring out what to make and pack for school lunches. I want what every mom wants: healthy food options that are simple to prep and pack the night before or morning of. I’m sharing my five go-to lunch box hacks that can make your back-to-school routine a little easier and your kids’ lunches a little more exciting.

5 Easy Lunch Box Hacks

  1. Shown above, cupcake liners are an easy, clever, and super-cute way to separate small snacks or sides like pretzels, raisins, and more.Apple Slices
  2. Keep sliced apples from browning by using a rubber band to hold the slices together. When they’re ready to eat, the slices will look and taste like they were freshly cut.String Cheese Characters
  3. Add fun surprises like funny faces, a super hero cape, or a ballerina tutu to string cheese. Stock up on craft supplies from Dollar Tree and create a new character every day. What a fun way to make them smile!Sandwich Bag Designs
  4. Instead of writing the classic note on a napkin (which I also love!), switch it up by drawing fun designs, pictures, and notes on plastic sandwich bags. Fill it with a classic sandwich like the PB&J or go out of the box with Lunch Box Sushi.Sponge in Sandwich Bag
  5. Skip the bulky ice pack and soak a sponge in water, then freeze it inside of a sealed plastic sandwich bag. Pop it in the lunch box in the morning to keep lunch cold for hours.
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