Kids Outside for SummerSchool’s out for the summer and keeping my kids occupied while having fun is easy when I shop at Dollar Tree! They have everything I need from toys and games, to snacks and drinks. Plus, my creative juices tend to get flowing once I start looking around and sparks inspiration for new games and activities for my kids. On my last trip, I came up with 5 different and unique activities to keep my kids (and even yours) playing outside all summer long. Follow these fun tips I have listed below using everyday affordable supplies for a little summer fun!

DIY Tic-Tac-Toe

Turn a shower curtain into a life size tic-tac-toe game using painter’s tape and frisbees. Use tape to form the cross court, and two different colored frisbees for each team.Kids Outside for Summer

Homemade Sprinkler

DIY your own sprinkler using a pool noodle. Use a knife or scissors to add holes to a noodle. Use duct tape to seal one end opening and insert your hose in the other. Crank up the water pressure for a big splash!Kids Outside for Summer

Keep Cool with a Sponge Necklace

Cut sponges into necklace and bracelet “beads” and soak in cold water to keep your kids cool as they play.Kids Outside for Summer

Driveway Target Game

Using sponges and chalk are all you need to turn your driveway into a target game. Draw the target on the concrete and toss the sponges to score points!Kids Outside for Summer

Pool Noodle Airplanes

Turn pool noodles and paper into pool noodle planes. Use scissors, paper, and masking tape to create the wings. Don’t forget to add fire from the exhaust to make it extra fast!Kids Outside for Summer

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