Gifts for Valentine's DayThis year, I decided to skip pre-made gifts for Valentine’s Day and create my very own valentines for my students! I love getting crafty and creative, especially around the holidays and for special occasions… Valentine’s Day being one of them. I kept thinking of different ways to gift candy, snacks, and accessories and couldn’t choose just one idea, so I came up with six different ideas. Check out below to see how I put together the sweetest set of valentines for my students using $1 candies, craft supplies, and household items from Dollar Tree!

6 Thoughtful Ways to Make Your Class Feel Extra Special This Valentine’s Day

1.Butterfly CandiesGifts for Valentine's Day

Using glittered clothespins, individual-sized candy bags, googly eyes, glue, and pipe cleaners from Dollar Tree, create these adorable candy butterflies to give out to your students this Valentine’s Day.

    1. Glitter each clothespin and glue pipe cleaner antennas and eyes in place.Gifts for Valentine's DayGifts for Valentine's Day
    2. Finish each butterfly by clipping individual sized bags of M&M’s®, so that they create a “Butterfly.”

2. You’re the BEAR-y BestGifts for Valentine's Day

Fill cellophane bags with gummy bears and tie with ribbon. Write a little note to say, “You are the BEAR-y best!”

3. You’re So BrightGifts for Valentine's Day

Using sunglasses from Dollar Tree, create this fun Valentine’s Day gift idea for your students with a message, “You are so BRIGHT!”

4. You Rule!Gifts for Valentine's Day

Use a ruler from Dollar Tree and attach a message, “You RULE!”

5. You Make My Heart Pop!Gifts for Valentine's Day

Fill a bag with popcorn and write a message, “You make my heart POP!”

6. You Brighten My World!Gifts for Valentine's Day

Take a notecard and tape crayons to it with a message, “You Brighten My World!”

Looking for more Valentine’s Day ideas to do with or for your students? Check out this Valentine’s Day “mailbox” craft idea!

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