6 Paw-some $1 Pet Supplies

September 7, 2017  |  Tips & Hacks

Pet Supplies from Dollar TreePet lovers, are you spending more than a buck on pet supplies at expensive pet stores? We love our pets as much as you do, and we want to make sure you know all that’s available to you for your favorite feline or fido for only $1 each at Dollar Tree! Fur-tunately, you can save tons of money on all the basics, from grooming supplies to toys, treats, and more. We’ve chosen our six favorite must-have pet supplies that you’ll want to get your paws on!

Pet Supplies from Dollar TreePet Shampoo

Grooming supplies can add up when you shop at other stores, so be sure to grab a few bottles of $1 deodorizing shampoo for your fur babies. Trust us, your wallet will thank you… plus, your pet will thank you because you’ll be doing lots of cuddling after they’ve had their one buck bath!

Dog & Cat Food

You can find bags of dry food or cans of wet food at Dollar Tree in awesome brand names like Friskies® and Gravy Train®! Plus, while you’re shopping, swap out your old pet bowl and surprise your pet with a brand new one.

Pet Treats & Rawhide Bones

Dogs will raise the ruff for a new rawhide bone or flavored dog snacks, from bacon to beef and more. Cats will want to get their paws on treats in all their favorite flavors, too.

Pet Toys

This is one of our favorite sections! There are tons of dog and cat toys to choose from in many shapes and colors. Stock up on rope dog toys, balls, flying disks, and squeaking toys for the pups. Grab a few plastic balls with bells, teaser wands, and mouse-shaped toys for the kitties.

Scratch Pads

Dollar Tree’s scratch pads are over a foot long and made from sturdy cardboard, pur-fect for keeping your cat’s attention away from your walls and furniture… a definite must-have!

Collars & Harnesses

From cat collars to dog leashes and harnesses, we have a variety of sizes, styles, and colors. For just $1 each, you can buy a few different options to alternate each day. And, if you like to dress your pet up in the fall and winter, you can match their collar to their outfit. Speaking of outfits, check out these Halloween pet costume ideas for October!

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