Clever Ways to Repurpose SocksAll this warm weather may mean that your socks are tucked away in your dresser drawer for a few more months. If you want to clear out some of your old pairs that you don’t need or use anymore, we’re sharing six clever ways you can repurpose them around your house! And, don’t forget, Dollar Tree sells $1 socks all year long.

1. Creative Sweeper Covers

Repurpose Socks - Sweeper CoversUse old socks to cover sweeper mops for easy and affordable cleaning. Save money by ditching expensive sweeper cover refills for this inexpensive alternative hack. Simply cut your sock to fit as needed and clean just as you normally would. When you’re finished, remove the sock and toss it in the trash or in the washing machine to use again for another day of cleaning.

2. Silly Sock Puppets for the Kids

Repurpose Socks - PuppetsEntertain kids at home, in a classroom, or at a birthday party by making sock puppets! Let them craft their own puppets using glue, googly eyes, markers, beads, sequins, ribbon, and more. Give them kid-sized socks to decorate, and join the fun by making your own adult-sized sock puppet. Then put on a show! This is also a great rainy day activity to beat boredom.

3. Sock Stress Balls for the Office

Repurpose Socks - Stress BallsDIY stress balls are so easy to make! All you need are three supplies: a colorful sock, Play-Doh®, plastic wrap, and a rubber band. Mold the Play-Doh® into a ball, then wrap it completely in plastic wrap. Cut the sock to size, place the wrapped Play-Doh® inside of the sock, and then tie it closed with a rubber band. Keep them at your office, in the car, and at home… and give it a squeeze when you find yourself in a stressful situation or need a “thinking” moment.

4. Perfectly Cool Ice Pack Covers for Boo-Boos

Repurpose Socks - Ice Pack CoversTake the cold sting off of an ice pack with a sock cover. Freeze your ice pack and when it’s ready to be used, slip it into a sock before applying to skin. Covering your ice packs not only makes application more comfortable, but it can help protect your skin and your family’s skin from extreme cold, too.

5. DIY Dry-Erase Board Cleaners

Repurpose Socks - Dry-Erase Board ErasersDo you use dry-erase boards at home or in your classroom? If you’ve lost your eraser or it’s worn out and filthy from overuse, use socks to wipe your boards clean instead. Fold or roll the sock as is, or wrap it around the eraser for easy holding. When you’re done, simply throw it in the trash or toss it in the washer to reuse again!

6. Colorful & Clever Drink Koozies

Repurpose Socks - DIY KooziesIs your water bottle, tumbler, or cup “sweating” in the summer heat? Use colorful or patterned socks to wrap around your drinks to create quick, simple, and adorable drink koozies! Simply cut off the toe-end of a sock and slip it around your drink. Make sure it fits snuggly so it doesn’t slip out of your hands. Enjoy sipping in the sunshine!

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