7 Dollar Tree Wedding Send-Off Ideas

August 7, 2018  |  Weddings  |  Written by
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Wedding Sendoff IdeasWhat’s a wedding reception wrap-up without a big send-off for the bride and groom?! However, trying to get that Pinterest-worthy look can get expensive… if you don’t know how to get a little creative. Well, have no fear brides and grooms, the Dollarista is here to help! I scanned the aisles of Dollar Tree and discovered seven super simple, affordable wedding send-off ideas made from $1 supplies. From classic and elegant to fun and quirky, these ideas cover any style.

Wedding Send-Off Ideas Using $1 Supplies

  1. Dreamy Bubbles: Add a pop of nostalgia to your send-off with classic bubbles. Give each person a small bottle of bubbles and let them blow you away. Bubbles floating in the air also makes for gorgeous, dreamy wedding pictures!
  2. Faux Flower Petals: There are tons of faux flower styles and colors at Dollar Tree. Stock up on white rose petals or go bold with red, orange, yellow, and more. Match your color scheme or the flowers in your centerpieces to tie it all together at the end of your big day.
  3. Craft Pom-Poms: Perfect for vibrant, spontaneous couples, a pom-pom sendoff is colorfully cute. Let your guests grab a handful of craft pom-poms to toss in the air to create a shower of colors around you as you exit.
  4. Fun Glow Sticks: A fun, more affordable alternative to sparklers, glow sticks are the perfect nighttime send-off idea. Your guests can wave them in the air and wear them around their necks and wrists to create an absolutely glowing goodbye… and super-cool photos!
  5. Decorative Ribbon Wands: This one requires a little prep work, but it’s so worth the reward. Make ribbon wands by gluing a craft stick to a long strand of ribbon that matches your color scheme. Let guests wave the wands up high during send-off. These are great for daytime or early evening sendoffs, so you can really admire the swirling ribbons.
  6. Colorful Sprinkles: A delicious alternative to confetti, guests can throw sprinkles in the air! I recommend this idea for outdoor send-offs. Also, be sure to divide the sprinkles into individual bags for each person so they don’t melt in their hands while waiting for the big toss.
  7. Beautiful Balloons: I’m honestly surprised to not see balloons more often in wedding send-offs. It’s so easy to have a stash of blown-up balloons for your guests to grab. As you make your way out, they can toss them in the air around you. For a nighttime send-off, you can even fill each one with a mini LED light so that all the balloons glow! Talk about a pretty picture.

Now, I know there are way more than seven awesome ideas out there. So, if you have more fun and budget-friendly wedding send-off ideas, share them with us on Instagram using #dollartreestyle. And, be sure to follow Dollar Tree on Instagram for even more inspiration.

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