Household HacksSome of the most useful tips and ideas are simple ones you can use on a daily basis to make your day-to-day life easier. Check out these seven helpful household hacks that can help make some of your everyday struggles disappear!

1. Static Hair ReducerHousehold Hacks

Does the winter air make your hair a static mess? Press a dryer sheet into your brush through the bristles. Brush your hair in the mornings before you head out into the cold and the dryer sheet will help tame that mane! This simple solution will leave your hair smoother and static-free… yippee!

2. Condiment OrganizerHousehold Hacks

Repurpose an empty egg carton and use it to store your condiments upside down. Keep the carton in the door of your refrigerator and place your condiments upside down in the egg holes after you use them. This trick not only keeps your refrigerator organized, it ensures that you won’t have to struggle with squeezing or shaking bottles the next time you’re dressing a yummy sandwich or hot dog.

3. Simple Storage for Hair ToolsHousehold Hacks

Curling irons, hair dryers, and hair straighteners can be cumbersome to store or pack. Plus, their hot temperatures can take a while to cool down, even after being turned off and unplugged. When you’re done glamming up your do, simply wrap the cord around the handle and insert the hot end into an oven mitt. This will help keep them organized and protected when stored in a drawer or packed in a suitcase.

4. Hair Tie HolderHousehold Hacks

Do you always seem to lose hair ties around your house? The next thing you know, you’re down to your last one and you’re hunting around trying to find the rest. The struggle is real, girls! Well, search no more… grab a shower curtain ring and attach all of your hair ties to it. Organize them by color and keep them somewhere you’ll remember like on top of your dresser or bathroom sink.

5. DIY Non-Slip RugHousehold Hacks

If you find yourself tripping over a welcome mat or area rug that slides on your floor, get a grip! Use adhesive strips to keep rugs held in place. Remove the paper backing and apply the strips under the rug along the border, cutting to size as needed. Press the rug in place and hold for a few seconds to secure to the floor. But it’s no slip… hooray!

6. Paint Brush HackHousehold Hacks

Whether you’re painting your own canvas or crafting with the kids, this paint brush hack will come in handy. Open a plastic sandwich bag and insert it into a mug, wrapping the seal around the rim of the mug as shown. Pour your paint inside and create your masterpiece. When you’ve finished, just remove the plastic bag carefully and toss it in the trash!

7. Tangle-Free JewelryHousehold Hacks

Keep your bracelets or necklaces from tangling or knotting in your bag when traveling. When packing for your next trip, stock up on a few plastic straws. Cut them to size and insert each piece of jewelry through the straw, then secure the clasp as shown.

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