Tips for a Cleaner CarKeeping your car clean can sometimes seem impossible. I have a few kids and a husband, so trust me… I know! Between the back and forth from soccer practices, road trips, and the everyday commute to work, it is hard to keep my car in pristine condition. Therefore, I have come up with a few simple tips and tricks for keeping a cleaner car using a few supplies I have around the house. Stay on top of it and use these tips to easily keep your car sparkly and fresh, even in those hard to reach spots!

  1. Wash Your Car with Conditioner

This will keep your car clean and conditioned, making it shinier than ever before.

  1. Get Rid of Dead Bugs with Cooking SprayTips for a Cleaner Car

This addition makes bugs melt right off those hard to clean spaces. Wipe clean with a rag and they’re gone!

  1. Make Your Headlights and Taillight Shine

Mix baking soda with toothpaste to rub away that hard to wash grime on your headlights and taillights… this combination powers through it!

  1. Put the Hurt on Dirt with a ToothbrushTips for a Cleaner Car

Brush dirt and crumbs out of your seats with a toothbrush! It’s the perfect size to get all of the mess out.

  1. Use Coffee Filters for Small Areas

Wipe down the interior with a coffee filter. Insert your hand to the filter and rub your seats and handles free of wear and unseen dirt.

  1. Keep Your Car ConditionedTips for a Cleaner Car

Condition the dashboard with petroleum jelly. Dab a small amount on a rag and watch it bring new life to your interior!

  1. Clean Car Windows with Baby WipesTips for a Cleaner Car

Use baby wipes to clean your car windows and mirrors. This makes them crystal clear, inside and out.

  1. Can’t Forget About the Cupholders!

Use a sock, window cleaner, and a cup to clean those hard to reach areas of your cupholder.

Now that you’ve got your car cleaned up, how about your house? Check out these 6 top cleaning tips and hacks!

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