DIY Diaper WreathAttending a baby shower and don’t know what to get the mother-to-be? Well you’re in luck, because I am here to show you how to make the PERFECT gift to give to the new mom.

Baby shower gifts can get expensive, especially when you want to get multiple items, but I have finally found a way to still get everything I need while on a budget. Where else would I go but to my local Dollar Tree… and of course, I was instantly inspired. I decided to make a diaper wreath using Dollar Tree’s diapers, metal wreath ring, ribbon, and a few additional baby supplies. This was perfect because not only did the mother-to-be love my gift, but she was able to hang the wreath as décor for her baby shower. A usable gift and décor? That’s a double win in my book!

Baby-Approved Supplies:

  • Metal Wreath Ring
  • Diapers
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Rubber Bands
  • Glue (Optional)
  • Stuffed Animal (Optional)
  • Any Additional Baby Toys and Supplies

DIY Diaper Wreath

Time to Make Your Gift

  1. I started by opening one of the diapers and wrapping it around the wreath form with the open ends towards the top. I secured the diaper onto the wreath ring using a rubber band so that the diaper could still be used.DIY Diaper Wreath
  2. I repeated step one and continued wrapping diapers around my wreath ring until it was completely covered with diapers.DIY Diaper Wreath
  3. Next, I took ribbon and tied it around the rubber bands in order to cover up the rubber bands. It is up to you on the type of ribbon to use and how you want to tie it. I have provided three different choices below that you could choose from: white ribbon curled, chevron ribbon in a knot, and gold ribbon in a bow. DIY Diaper Wreath
  4. I decided to stick with the chevron ribbon for the entire wreath and tied it in a knot around each diaper.DIY Diaper Wreath
  5. Finally, I made a bow out of the remaining ribbon that I had and secured it to the top of the wreath.DIY Diaper Wreath
  6. If you want to take it one step further you can even tie or glue stuffed animals, pacifiers, and other baby items to your wreath.

There you have it… an affordable and adorable DIY diaper wreath. Want more baby shower ideas? Check out these additional baby shower gift ideas!

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