Affordable Baby Shower Gift Ideas

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Baby Shower GiftsI love baby showers! It’s so exciting to watch the joy on a mom’s or dad’s face and be able to shower them with things they’ll need for their new arrival. When I want to get my hands on affordable, adorable baby supplies, Dollar Tree is my go-to place for all the essentials. I stock up on $1 baby socks, wash cloths, wipes, bibs, mittens, diapers, and more, and wrap them up in fun ways. Check out my three favorite baby shower gift ideas below.

Baby Wash Cloth Rose Bouquet

Check out the picture above for an adorable way to package baby wash cloths for future bath time. Roll them up and transform them into a rose bouquet! For this look, I rolled 8-10 wash cloths and wrapped decorative craft paper around them, then tied it all together with a ribbon and bow. What a sweet and functional gift for the parents-to-be!

Baby Clothing Cupcake GiftBaby Wash Cloth Cupcakes

This is a SWEET gift idea that can be made using any baby clothing item: bibs, onesies, hats, socks, or wash cloths. Simply roll the piece into a swirled cupcake shape. Tuck it into a clear plastic cup, attach a small baby toy handle, and top it off with a pom-pom cherry on top.

Train-Shaped Mini Diaper Cake

Make way for this cute choo-choo train gift idea! Grab ribbon, string, diapers, and your favorite baby accessories and supplies. Then follow these simple steps to make your own train diaper cake:

  1. Cut three long pieces of ribbon and roll one diaper around each ribbon strand as shown. Tie each rolled diaper together with a string (or you can use a rubber band). These will form your wheels! Lay 2-3 diapers on top of the rolled diapers.Train steps
  2. Add a bib on top of the diapers to create the front of the train.Train steps
  3. Fill a baby hat with 2-3 diapers and set it behind the bib as the back of the train.Train steps
  4. Load up more baby items as shown until your gifts are shaped like a train, then tie them together using the ribbons in the diaper wheels.Baby Train

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