Festival Makeup LookFestival season will be here before you know it and with it comes that glitter and glam look! I know what you’re thinking… makeup can be expensive, however it doesn’t have to be when you shop at Dollar Tree! They have everything you need to look your best for less with their affordable $1 makeup and accessories. Plus in select stores, they even have festival makeup! Check out below to see the look I came up with for just a few dollars. I can’t wait to try out this new look at my next music fest!

Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • L.A. Colors® Intense Shimmer Loose Gold Eyeshadow
  • L.A. Colors® Nude Eyeshadow (Cream)
  • L.A. Colors® Gold Cosmic Lip Topper (Sold in Select Stores)
  • L.A. Colors® Prism Gel for Body (Sold in Select Stores)
  • Floral Garden® Butterfly Decoration (I picked the jewels off of them)
  • Loose Gold Glitter
  • Wet n Wild® Eyelash Glue
  • L.A. Colors® Shimmering Loose Eyeshadow (Pink, Silver, and Purple)
  • Tweezers
  • L.A. Colors® Black Dramatilash Eyelashes
  • L.A. Colors® Black Matte Liquid Liner
  • Makeup Brushes

Follow Along Step-by-Step:

  1. I started by applying my face makeup as I normally would. Check out my Fun and Affordable Festival Makeup Look to see how.
  2. Now for the fun part! I took my L.A. Colors® Intense Shimmer Loose Gold Eyeshadow and applied it to the crease of my eyelids with my eyeshadow brush.Festival Makeup Look
  3. I then took my L.A. Colors® Nude Eyeshadow (Cream) and applied it to the bottom portion of my eyelids.Festival Makeup Look
  4. Once my eyeshadow was complete, I used L.A. Colors® Black Matte Liquid Liner.Festival Makeup Look
  5. To complete my eyes, I took L.A. Colors® Black Dramatilash Eyelashes and applied the glue that they came with to the flat inside portion of the lashes (you can also follow directions on packaging for eyelashes). Then I picked them up using my tweezers and applied them to my eyelids, holding for a few seconds.Festival Makeup Look
  6. To give my face a bit of sparkle and color, I applied a small amount of L.A. Colors® Prism Gel on top of my cheekbones and around the outer corner of my eyes and then accentuated them with loose gold glitter using my finger.Festival Makeup LookFestival Makeup Look
  7. I then used Wet n Wild® Eyelash Glue and tweezers to apply gems from my Floral Garden® Butterfly Decoration to the inside corner of my eyes.Festival Makeup Look
  8. Finally, I topped my lips off with L.A. Colors® Gold Cosmic Lip Topper.Festival Makeup Look

Festival Makeup LookThere you have it… for just a few dollars I was able to create this fun, affordable, and eccentric festival makeup look! Now the only question is… what will I wear?!

Now that you’ve got one festival makeup look down, how about another? Try out this additional fun and affordable festival look!

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