Friends at a baby showerEverybody loves a celebration, and what better reason to celebrate than a new baby? If you’re throwing a baby shower and you want it to stand out, try these adorable tips and ideas for that extra special touch that won’t break your budget. Whether it’s a boy, a girl, a surprise, or a gender-neutral party, these are some trendy decorating ideas for a beautiful baby shower.

1. Mason Jar Centerpieces

Mason jars are all the rage right now and you can style them any way you want with a little paint, ribbon, and bows all in the color of your baby shower theme. Paint the jars in a neutral color like white or gray and fill them with colorful flowers, or leave them clear and fill them with floral marbles, or candy (if you go with candy, your guests can much on it, too). Place them on every table for a simple, yet effective decoration. For extra personalization, you can make a little tag with the baby’s name and attach it to the mason jar.

2. Tissue Paper Garland

Another hot trend that’s easy to make and leaves a big impact. Hang it on a wall or across a ceiling. Simply take some tissue paper and cut it into strips on either end of the paper leaving a 1-3” gap. Gather at the middle, twist, tape, and cover with festive ribbon or colorful string. Make sure to leave a loop at the top big enough to hang. The best part about these garlands is that you can make them any size or color.

3. Bow Napkins

Turn your napkins into an adorable decoration that’s cute and functional.
Just pick up napkins in your colors, (Dollar Tree has a wide variety) fold and shape into little bows. Wrap silverware inside, and then tie off with a piece of colorful tape or ribbon. You can also make these as decorations and hang them from centerpieces or attach them to party favors.

4. Coffee Filter Balls

With a little food coloring or paint, a Styrofoam ball, and coffee filters, you can create these whimsical decorations and hang them from your ceiling for an alternative to balloons. Just dye or paint your filters the color of your choice, and glue them onto the Styrofoam ball. Add a ribbon for hanging and you’re good to go!

5. Customized Photo Frames

Pick up a couple of little photo frames, and spell the baby’s name one letter at a time with cutouts or colorful paper. If you don’t know the baby’s name, print out pictures of classic storybook characters or adorable animals to frame.

6. Children’s Book Trivia

Everybody has a favorite book from when they were a child. Pick some classics and think of trivia questions that have to do with characters, themes, and authors. The guest that gets the most right answers wins a prize—either have a little gift or favor ready, or let them go first to the food table.

7. Party Favors

Instead of using little bags, try putting party favors in little tin pails. You can even add a little personalized note on the tag! Chapstick, lotion, small candies or mints are great favors for the party, and you know guests will use them. Plus, you can always cover up the labels with homemade tags or pintables for a more meaningful gift.

Remember, you can find all of your crafting essentials and baby shower supplies at Dollar Tree! Can you think of any other adorable craft ideas? Share some of your ideas in the comments below!

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