Baby Shower GamesHosting a shower and in need of some fun ideas for games? This year, I am hosting my best friend’s baby shower. I started planning for it months ago, and had picked the theme, gotten the decorations, and figured out what food I was going to make, but I completely forgot about games! Therefore, I thought of 5 baby-themed games that I have played in the past and want to share with you.  They are a blast and were a HUGE hit with the guests (myself included) so, I assure you that your party guests and momma-to-be are going to have a great time while celebrating! Did I mention that you can also get everything you need at Dollar Tree? That’s right, so if you’re in a tight crunch like me, don’t worry because they have it all.

  1. Pick up the PaciBaby Shower Games

Lay out at least a dozen or more pacifiers on a table. Using a wooden craft stick, pick up as many pacifiers as you can in one minute. Ready… Set… Go!

  1. Chug the Baby BottleBaby Shower Games

Fill up baby bottles with your drink of choice. Have everyone start at the same time and chug their baby bottle. Harder than it looks, whoever drinks the bottle the fastest wins!

  1. Bottle to BottleBaby Shower Games

Remove the nipples from two bottles. Fill one of the bottles with sprinkles and then tape it to the other bottle. Make enough of these so that each of your guests receive one. Shake and transfer the sprinkles from one bottle to another as fast as you can. The first one to finish, wins!

  1. Wipe OutBaby Shower Games

Give each player a small pack of baby wipes. Players have to use one hand to pull out all of the wipes from the container. First player to empty all of the wipes wins!

  1. Baby SitterBaby Shower Games

On individual pieces of paper write out the letter B-A-B-Y. Do this multiple times so that there are at least five of each letter (depending on how many guests you have, you may need more). Next, cut up blank pieces of paper that do not have letters on them. Put a different letter as well as the blank pieces of paper in each balloon, blow up each balloon, and secure each with a knot. First player to successfully pop the balloons by sitting on them and spell out baby wins!

Baby Shower Games

Baby Shower Games

Now that you’ve got the games covered, what about the gift? Check out these affordable baby shower gift ideas!

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