Back-to-School Teacher Emergency Stash!

August 29, 2018  |  Teachers  |  Written by
Ms. Pennywise

Teacher Emergency Stash!As teachers, we thrive on candy and sweets to give us the energy to get through the school day (and caffeine, of course). The start of a new school year means teachers everywhere are in need of a candy restock. I’m making my fellow teacher friends this easy Teacher Emergency Stash made with candy and plastic storage cases from Dollar Tree… and just in time for teachers heading back to school this month. This is such a simple and sweet gift idea anyone can make. Get the kids involved by letting them help pick out the candy and decorate the storage case with ribbon and a label. This convenient little container can be displayed on the desk for easy sharing or, if they want to keep the goodies for themselves, easily tucked away in a desk drawer.

Teaching is a rewarding job and teachers deserve to be rewarded… am I right? Show the teachers in your life some love and check out the Teacher Category for more ideas.Fill the stash with candy

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