Valentine’s Day Craft: Blooming Hand Trees

January 31, 2018  |  Teachers  |  Written by
Ms. Pennywise

Blooming Hand Tree Craft for ClassroomsI can’t wait to celebrate Valentine’s Day with my true loves… my students! And, I’ve planned the perfect classroom craft to embrace the holiday –— blooming hand trees.

What’s that, you ask? The tree is made by tracing the student’s hand on construction paper and the blooms are made out of cutout paper hearts. The lesson here is that everyone shows love and appreciation differently, so while we craft, we’ll talk about all the ways we can spread kindness to our loved ones on Valentine’s Day. The best part is that these blooming hand trees are made using art supplies I already have on hand (pun intended!) in my classroom. Or, I can always stock up on supplies from Dollar Tree.

Once my students finish their creations, I’ll decorate my classroom with them the entire month of February. I’m sure their blooming hand trees will be as unique and special as each one of them!

Here’s What Each Student Will Need:

  • Construction Paper
  • Scissors
  • Pens or Pencils
  • Glue Sticks

Easy Step-by-Step Directions:

  1. Using a pen or pencil in your dominant hand, trace the outline of your other hand on construction paper.Trace your hand on paper
  2. Use scissors to cut out the hand shape to form your tree. Give your students a hand (pun intended again!) with the scissors as needed.Cut out traced hand
  3. Fold construction paper in half and cut out heart shapes in different sizes and colors to form the blooms.Cut out heartsCut out paper hearts
  4. Use a glue stick to attach the hearts to the tree branches… aka your fingers!
  5. Cut out a rectangular piece of construction paper about 8×2″ long.
  6. Then cut a 1″ slit about halfway on the top of one end and do the same on the bottom of the other end.
  7. Loop the ends together and use the 1″ slits to connect them as shown. Glue the paper ring to the base of your hand cutout to form a stand.Create the stand with construction paper

Be sure to check out my Valentine mailbox craft idea from last year, and have a happy Valentine’s Day with your class!

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