Back to School BindersSchool is starting again soon and no matter what grade your child is in, from elementary to college, there’s no better time than now to shop for all things back to school and stock up on new supplies. We’re sharing a few binder organization tips to help you get students prepared and excited for the upcoming school year. Plus, creating these affordable (and adorable!) binders is as easy as 1, 2, 3 when you shop Dollar Tree for back-to-school supplies.

1. Start with Binder Basics

Stock up on 3-ring binders from Dollar Tree, one for each subject or as many as you can cram in a backpack. And, binders with a clear pocket on the outside allows you to insert printed binder cover pages to keep them all labeled.Back to School Binder

2. Fill ‘Em Up!

Fill up binders with tab dividers and loose-leaf filler paper, the essentials for classroom note-taking. Add labels to the dividers based on subjects and class projects. Include plastic folders and clear plastic sheet protectors to hold loose-leaf papers. These are perfect for inserting a syllabus or homework handouts. With binders this organized, students will be ready to hit the books in no time!

3. Pack in the Pouches

Top off binder fillers with a 3-ring supply pouch. Keep a few pens, pencils, highlighters, erasers, markers, and sticky notes in each binder. Students will have easy access to these supplies and save more room in backpacks or lockers… it’s a win-win!

Get your back-to-school binders prepared and filled, then continue enjoying the rest of your summer knowing that you’re ready and organized for the first day of school. Check out more awesome back to school inspiration on the blog!

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