Candy In Lesson PlansParents and teachers, are you struggling to find a way to use up all that leftover Halloween candy?! Send it to the schools for classes to use as a fun and tasty twist on lesson plans. Every year, I love sharing these “sweet” ideas with my class, since it’s a fun and productive way to use up that sugar. It’s the perfect treat to catch your students’ attention while introducing a new subject or topic. Incorporate candy into a history jeopardy game, use as building blocks with toothpicks, use for counting, or hide them in trivial scavenger hunts. The possibilities are limitless, and your students will light up at the opportunity!

Here are two different ways that I have found to be the easiest and the most interactive amongst the students.

Corny Counting Game

Incorporate candy corn into a fun, interactive math game. For the younger kids, have them roll a die and place a candy corn on the corresponding number (we only numbered to 3, but you can add as many numbers as you want). For more advanced students, incorporate addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Building Blocks 

Challenge kids to build structures using toothpicks and candy such as caramel bites or Reese’s® cups. It’s funny when you let the kids take the lead because you might be surprised at what they design. Future engineers in the making!

Want more ideas like these? Check out 3 Sensory Activities and Ideas for Kids and Munchy Math and stay tuned to the blog for new ideas every week!

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