Door of LoveI love welcoming my students to my classroom by setting the mood for Valentine’s Day! I used colored construction paper, ribbon, and tape to create this simple yet, inviting look. I cut strips of paper, formed them into loops, and taped them in the form of a heart. I finished the look with a faux ribbon made out of paper (or you can use ribbon and a bow) inscribed with “Happy Valentine’s Day!”. This 3-D design will make your door literally pop in the hallway, spreading the love throughout the school!

LOVEly Supplies:

  • Pink, Red, and White Construction Paper
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon or Bows
  • Markers or Letter Stickers/CutoutsDoor of Love

Directions for Your Door Décor:

  1. Cut your construction paper, width-wise into 2-inch strips.Door of Love
  2. Once all paper is cut, begin looping and taping the strips together in a circular shape.Door of Love
  3. Tape the circular loops directly to the door forming a heart shape and alternating between colors.
  4. Once the heart shape is complete, cut and tape ribbon and a bow (I used white construction paper) to surround the heart. Add letter stickers, marker, or cutouts to spell “Happy Valentine’s Day” along the ribbon.
  5. Enjoy spreading the love as your students enter your classroom!

Looking for an additional Valentine’s Day door décor idea? Check out this festive classroom idea!

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