Clever Car Hacks for Winter

January 17, 2019  |  Tips & Hacks  |  Written by
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Car Hacks for Winter

The harsh winter weather always leaves my car covered in frost and grime, making my morning commute even tougher. Therefore, I decided to come up with a few simple hacks to help!

Follow these five car hacks that will not only help save your car, but your precious time as well. Keep these affordable supplies in your trunk for quick and easy access.

Protect Your Rearview Mirrors

Car Hacks for Winter

Use a sandwich bag to defend against frost on your mirrors. Loosely cover each one to save time defrosting and scraping. 

Say Goodbye to Frost

Car Hacks for Winter

Use vinegar to prevent frost on your windshield. Keep it in a spray bottle and spritz your windshield before heading inside for the night.

Have Perfect Wipers All Winter Long

Car Hacks for Winter

Use a sock on your wipers to prevent them from getting stuck to your windshield. Grab a pair of old socks and slip them on your wipers (be sure to keep the wipers upright) to save your wipers. This trick will keep them in perfect conditional all winter long.

Cleaner Headlights

Clever Car HacksUse toothpaste and a clean toothbrush to clean your headlights and get rid of snow and salt residue. Cleaner than ever, your headlights will shine bright, helping you see through the snow.

Prevent Door Handles From Getting Stuck

Car Hacks for Winter

Use cooking spray to prevent your door handles from getting stuck. No one has time for stuck handles! Keep them functioning with a simple spray to the hinges of your handles.

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