Build a Bouquet

Are you looking to add the perfect accent element to your tablescape? Or maybe you want to reduce costs for your wedding? No matter the case, creating an elegant look at an affordable cost is a must. Therefore, try making your very own bouquet! Not only can you customize it to match your event or table, but you can purchase all of your supplies at Dollar Tree. 

In just 4 simple steps, you can transform everyday faux flowers into whimsical centerpieces. Plus, since you’re using faux flowers and greenery, you won’t have to worry about them wilting or dying!

Here’s What You’ll Need:

Step 1: Select Greenery  

First things first… when creating a bouquet you should select what type of greenery you want to include. Typically, you should start with greenery stems at the back of your bouquet to use as the base. There are many different types of greenery and Dollar Tree carries a huge selection from vines and ferns to bushes and onion grass, and so much more. Pick your favorites and start building your base!

Build a Bouquet

Step 2. Select Floral Stems

Next, comes the fun part… time to pick your floral stems! Dollar Tree has various kinds of faux flowers, floral bushes, and even succulents. Make sure that once you choose what flowers you are going to use that you alternate between large and small blooms to give your bouquet some dimension. You can also use contrasting colors for more impact. 

Build a Bouquet

Step 3: Secure with Floral Wire and Tape

Once you have chosen your greenery and floral stems, the next step requires you to put them together in order to form your bouquet. Vary the heights of your blooms by trimming the bottoms of certain floral stems. Next, arrange your greenery and flowers into a bouquet. Play around with the placement of your greenery and floral stems until you have your desired look. Finally, secure your bouquet in place using floral wire and floral tape. 

Build a Bouquet

Step 4: Accessorize with Vases, Ribbon, and Gems

Now that you have built your bouquet, it is time to show it off! Hide the floral wire and tape by wrapping ribbon around the stems. Dollar Tree also carries a wide selection of vases in various sizes, styles, and colors. If you’re planning to use your bouquet as a centerpiece, fill the vase of your choice about halfway with accent gems or rocks to hold you bouquet in place. Elegant and affordable, each bouquet arrangement could cost you $15 or less! Talk about savings!

Build a Bouquet

Looking for Inspiration? Check Out These 4 Bouquet Ideas:

Now that you have the steps down, you may be looking for some inspiration… well you’re in luck! Dollar Tree has created 4 different bouquet themes to help you get started. Plus, in select stores, you can even find tear pads for creating bouquets and use them as a checklist while you gather your floral supplies! 

1. Purple & White RanunculusBuild a Bouquet

      • 2 Stems of Greenery
      • 2 White Ranunculus Floral Stems
      • 2 Purple Ranunculus Floral Stems
      • 2 Purple Tiger Lily Floral Stems
      • 2 Blue Tiger Lily Floral Stems



2. Dahlias & DaisiesBuild a Bouquet

      • 2 Stems of Greenery
      • 2 Purple Dahlia Floral Stems
      • 2 Pink Dahlia Floral Stems
      • 2 White Daisy Floral Stems
      • 2 Blue Freesia Floral Stems



3. Red & White PeoniesBuild a Bouquet

        • 2 Stems of Greenery
        • 2 Red Peony Floral Stems
        • 2 White Peony Floral Stems
        • 2 Pink Daisy Floral Stems
        • 2 Pink Freesia Floral Stems




4. Mums & Tiger LiliesBuild a Bouquet

      • 2 Stems of Greenery
      • 2 Pink Mum Floral Stems
      • 3 Yellow Mum Floral Stems
      • 2 White Viburnum Floral Stems
      • 1 Pink Tiger Lily Floral Stem



Find your local store to start gathering supplies!

Looking for even more inspiration for building bouquets? Check out these wedding bouquet ideas!

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