Simple Ways to Decorate for the Holidays

December 19, 2018  |  Celebrations  |  Written by
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Decorate for HolidaysI get so nostalgic when I think about decorating for the holiday season because my family and I always deck out our entire house. It wasn’t just hanging the stockings, putting lights on the house, or decorating the tree… it was time spent together listening to those classic Christmas songs, eating way too many cookies, and getting our house in the holiday spirit. This year, I wanted to keep the tradition and involve my whole family in our holiday decorating; however, it is tough to do so on a budget. Fortunately, Dollar Tree has just about everything you need to create these simple and inexpensive ways to decorate!

Deck Out Your Cabinets with RibbonDecorate for Holidays

I found some leftover ribbon from last year and spruced up my kitchen by tying it vertically around the middle of the cabinets. If you tie it off on the front of the door, you can put a bow in the middle to hide the knot. Since Dollar Tree has a great selection of ribbon, decorating mesh, bows, and ornaments, I decided to give this idea an extra festive touch by hot gluing an ornament to the middle of my bow!

Make a Snowman Out of Your DoorDecorate for Holidays

If this isn’t the cutest idea, then I don’t know what is! It’s simple to create a snowman on your refrigerator, front door, or any door in your house. I also thought about all of the teachers out there… what a cute way to decorate your classroom door. Grab the following items: black and orange poster board or construction paper, tape, and something to create the scarf (I chose the decorating mesh for a more 3D look, but you can also use striped paper to keep it flat).

I started by cutting circles out of the black paper. I cut two large circles for the eyes and then smaller ones for the mouth and buttons. Next, using the orange paper, I cut out a triangle shape to represent the carrot nose. Once those were all cut out, I taped them on the door in their appropriate spots to create his face and buttons. Finally, I tied the mesh around the door knob and ran it across the middle to create the scarf.

Add Festive Embellishments to Existing Throw PillowsDecorate for Holidays

Dollar Tree’s holiday section has all sorts of stuff you can use for this clever idea. I grabbed ribbon and decorative bows, but you can take this is in any direction your heart desires. For mine, I simply tied ribbon around the four edges of the pillow and hot glued a bow in the center for the final touch. I love how this made my pillows look like cute little presents on my furniture. Plus, this is easy to un-do after the holidays!

Create Centerpieces Out of OrnamentsDecorate for Holidays

This final idea is as simple as simple gets. Grab some ornaments from Dollar Tree and your favorite serving bowl or dish and you’ve got yourself the perfect festive centerpiece!

Looking for additional ways to decorate for the holidays? Check out this simple holiday greeting card display!

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