DIY Balloon Christmas Lights

December 18, 2019  |  Celebrations  |  Written by
The Dollarista

DIY Christmas LightsDo you love those classic colorful large bulb string lights? I do too! Create them into your own fun party décor by using balloons, string, cups, and maybe even a few glow sticks. Fill each balloon with air and drop in a cracked glow stick. Use tape to apply a green cup on top of each balloon knot to create the “bulb.” Use additional tape to attach each bulb to a green ribbon to create the string of lights. Hang this fun festive strand of balloon lights in your front yard, along your porch, or even inside. Both kids and adults will love this oversized party décor!

Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • Yellow, Blue, Red, Green, and Orange Balloons (Or any additional colors you would like!)
  • Green Paper Cups
  • Green Ribbon
  • Optional: Glow Sticks
  • Clear TapeDIY Christmas Lights

Follow Along Step-by-Step:

  1. Blow up each balloon with (non-helium) air. Optional: Add in a cracked glow stick to each blown-up balloon before tying the knot if displaying at night.
  2. Use clear tape to attach a green cup over top of the knot of each balloon.DIY Christmas Lights
  3. Use clear tape to attach each “bulb” along a string of green ribbon, spaced about 1 foot apart.
  4. Hang this string of lights outside from tree branches, on your front porch, or inside along your fireplace mantel!

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