DIY Bandana PillowSpring cleaning and rearranging always leaves me craving fresh home décor. This year, I was able to change up my throw pillows on the bed and sofa without breaking the bank. Using square bandanas, cotton stuffing, and a sewing kit from Dollar Tree, you can put together your own DIY bandana pillows. They add the perfect pop and pattern to your space so, prop these decorative pillows on your bed or sofa for a homemade, cozy vibe!

3 Simple Supplies:

  • Fabric Bandanas
  • Cotton Stuffing
  • Scissors
  • Needle and ThreadDIY Bandana Pillow

Bring on The Pillow Making:

  1. Slip stitch the outer seams of two bandanas together. Leave one of the four sides open for now.
  2. Turn the pillow shell inside out so that the stitching is now on the inside.
  3. Fill the pillow shell with the cotton stuffing through the unstitched side.
  4. To close your new pillow, ladder stitch the final side and tie a knot to close up that final stitched seam.

Voila! You have now upped your pillow game and transformed your throw pillow.

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