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August 16, 2018  |  DIY & Crafts  |  Written by
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Book Banner Raise your hand if you’re a book lover! I know I am and so are my kids, thank goodness. This new idea I’m sharing with you can be customized for story-lovers of all ages. So, grab your child’s favorite book or your favorite novel and some scissors, and get to work on making a DIY banner made from the pages. (I recommend buying a second copy so you can keep your original copy intact.)

DIY book-page banners are perfect to hang at children’s birthday parties to show off their favorite characters. These banners can also be displayed at home in bedrooms or playrooms. This idea is so versatile, you can even go for a more sophisticated look by using pages of text from novels to hang as home décor. Or, if you just love how awesome these banners look, stop by your local Dollar Tree for a new $1 book!

Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • Picture Book or Novel
  • Twine
  • Scissors
  • Marker
  • Paper
  • Hole Punch

Easy Directions:

  1. Use scissors and a piece of paper to cut out one triangular or rectangular-shaped banner pennant.
  2. Using a marker, trace the outline of the pennant onto the book page that you want to cut out.Cut out a book page pendantTrace book page
  3. Use scissors to cut the banner along the traced outline, making sure to cover up the marker outline. cut out the pendant
  4. Hole punch a hole at the top two corners of each pennant. Hole punch in corners
  5. Thread a strand of twine through the pennant holes and cut to size, leaving excess string on each side of your banner for hanging. thread the twineHang your pennant banner

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