Candy Cane Wreath Do you have a sweet tooth for crafts? Make this easy and inexpensive candy cane wreath using just a few $1 holiday craft supplies from Dollar Tree: white and red deco mesh, chenille stems, and our popular candy-cane-shaped wreath form. This wreath idea is so simple and affordable, you’ll want to make one for yourself and a few more to give as presents to your friends and family this Christmas!

Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • Metal Candy Cane Wreath Form
  • 2 Rolls White & 2 Rolls Red Deco Mesh Ribbon
  • Package of Glitter Chenille Stems

Easy Step-by-Step Directions:

  1. Using a chenille stem, secure a loop of white and a loop of red deco mesh together at the base of the candy cane.
  2. Tuck white mesh into the second and third rungs of the metal cane form. This will help give the candy cane nice diagonal stripes!
  3. Tuck in the first, second, and third rungs with the red, going back and forth two times (to create a thicker stripe, go back and forth three times) then alternate to the white. Continue until you run out of deco mesh.
  4. Using a second chenille stem, secure another loop of white and red deco mesh, repeating the tucking steps until the entire candy cane is covered.
  5. Hang on your door and enjoy your adorable candy cane wreath throughout the holiday season!

Check out some of our other awesome wreath ideas on the blog, perfect for holiday crafting and gift-giving! And, don’t forget to visit Christmas at the Tree for even more supplies and inspiration.

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