DIY Christmas Present for Your PetDon’t forget your furry loved ones this Christmas! Create a paw-fectly cute gift for pet lovers or your own pets with their stamped paws and names in $1 picture frames from Dollar Tree. This is a great idea to place in your pet’s corner at home with their food bowls and treat jar. Wrap it as a gift for the pet’s owner so they can keep this memento on their desk at work while they’re away! This DIY paw stamp frame is easy to do, with just 3 needed supplies. Grab paint, paper, and a frame and you can make your own in just a few minutes. Our pets mean the world to us so let’s make them feel special and loved during this thoughtful season!

Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • Poster Board
  • Paint
  • Paper Plate
  • Frame
  • Marker

Easy Step-by-Step Directions:

  1. Pour paint onto a paper plate, and stamp your pet’s paw into the paint.
  2. Firmly stamp your pets paw onto the poster board, and lift, reveling a paw print. Repeat around the poster board for numerous prints if needed.
  3. Cut the poster down to frame size and allow the paint to dry fully.
  4. Use marker to write your pets name next to its prints.
  5. Frame the printed poster paper and wrap as a gift!

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