DIY Gifts for Father's DayIt’s time to honor those special men in our lives that we are privileged to call “Dad!” This year, we are celebrating Father’s Day by spending time doing my husband’s favorite activities such as fishing, playing football, and spending time with the family.

However, each year my kids want to make their own gift and create something special and sentimental for their father, which means I’ve got to get creative. There is only one place I head to when I am looking for fun and frugal ideas… Dollar Tree, of course! They have such a wide selection of items, which tend to get my creative juice flowin’. Plus, I can get a multitude of items since everything is just $1 each!

This year, I came up with 4 different DIY gift ideas are sure to make any Dad smile and feel appreciated not only on Father’s Day, but every day. Check them out below!

  1. Decorative Homemade Grilling PlateGifts for Dad

Grab a porcelain plate from Dollar Tree and use sharpies or paint to decorate it. Incorporate handprints of your little ones to give it a personalized touch! Personally, my husband loves to grill and uses this personalized plate made by my kids to rest his grilling utensils every time he does.

*Please Note: Markers and paint used on plate have not been tested as food-safe. Do not eat off of plate.

  1. For the Sweetest DadDIY Gifts for Father's Day

Fill up a glass jar with Dad’s favorite sweets. Add a tag or label for fun. Since my husband’s favorite candy is Reeses Pieces®, my kids put a box of them in a glass canning jar and tied it with a tag that said “We love you to pieces!”

  1. DIY Coupon TicketsDIY Gifts for Father's Day

This idea is the gift that keeps on giving… trust me!

Take a roll of tickets from Dollar Tree and have your kids write out their own personalized tickets dad can use when he needs it most. Breakfast in bed, help dad with yardwork, help dad take out the trash, movie night, help dad wash cars… the list goes on and on!

  1. Customized Picture FrameDIY Gifts for Father's Day

Using a picture frame from Dollar Tree, hot glue nuts, bolts, screws, and whatever additional hardware you can find to your picture frame. Using either letter stickers or a permanent marker, have your kids spell out a cute caption such as, “We’re Nuts About You, Dad!”

Look for even more fun and affordable gifts for dad this Father’s Day? Check out this fun sock bouquet!

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