DIY Hanging Flower Backdrop

February 19, 2020  |  DIY & Crafts

DIY Flower BackdropGrab a bunch of your favorite faux flowers and create something truly spectacular! String the flower heads onto twine and hang them from an interesting backyard branch for a cool wall hanging or room divider, or from a curtain rod for a fun window treatment. Jazz up your upcoming parties, weddings, and events by creating a “wall of flowers” for a party photo-booth backdrop (perfect for spring baby showers or summer luaus!) or hang the branch from an arbor for an outdoor wedding.

Shop at Dollar Tree – Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • Large Branch from the Backyard (We used a 3-ft. long branch, but you can also use a curtain rod or wooden dowel.)
  • String (We used baker’s twine, but heavy thread or fishing line also works.)
  • 10-30 Faux Floral Bushes (Our branch’s flower strands were 2-3 feet long and used about 90 flower heads; adjust as needed.)
  • Needle
  • Glue

Easy Step-by-Step Directions:

  1. To create the hanger for the backdrop, cut a long piece of string/twine off the spool. About 2-3 inches from the end of your branch, tie one end of the string/twine in a knot around the branch.
  2. About 2-3 inches from the other end of your branch, tie the other end of the string in a knot around the branch. The string has created a triangle from which the branch will hang. Set the branch aside for now.
  3. Pull the flower heads off of your selected faux flower bushes. Arrange the heads in piles by type and color. We wanted an ombre effect in our flowers, so we arranged them in order by the shade of pink.
  4. Thread a long piece of thin twine or fishing line through a thick needle. If you don’t have a needle, tape the string to a toothpick — it’s harder to use, but will work in a pinch.
  5. Many faux flower heads have a hollow tube running through their centers, which make them easier to thread onto a string. If the flowers you chose don’t have a center tube, CAREFULLY use scissors to push a hole through the middle of each flower head before stringing them together.
  6. Begin to string the flower heads onto the twine, leaving a little bit of space between each bloom. Use dabs of glue to hold the flowers in place on the string.
  7. Leave enough space at the top of each string to tie it to the branch. Once the glue on the flowers is dry, tie the twine strands to the branch and display in your home or upcoming celebration.

Now that you’ve got the flower wall backdrop down why not try a tissue paper photo wall?

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