Ice Cream Cone BalloonsWhether you scream, I scream, or we all scream, ice cream is THE treat for summer. Now you can bring summer’s coolest treat to all your parties with no worries of melting! Head to your local Dollar Tree and for just a few dollars you can create these clever balloon decorations that are great for birthdays, cookouts, baby showers… or any fun occasion.

Sweet Supplies:

  • Round Latex Balloons, Inflated with Helium
  • Craft Paper
  • Scissors
  • Tape

You’ll Be Screamin’ With Excitement Over How Easy This Is!

  1. Cut a large circle out of craft paper. For a 9″ balloon, you can cut out a 9″ circle.
  2. Cut the circle in half. Each half circle will make two cones. 
  3. Roll the half circle into a cone shape and tape the edges together. 
  4. Feed the balloon’s string through the cone and tape the cone opening to the bottom of the balloon, covering the tied knot. Be careful to tape down exactly where you want it to fit since trying to remove the tape could pop the balloon!

Fun Tip:

  • Don’t have helium? Blow up smaller water balloons and tie to the end of a bamboo skewer. Stick the skewer through the paper cone and tape in place. Poke a few of these into a block of covered floral/craft foam for a fun ice cream cone centerpiece! 

The party doesn’t have to stop there! Create a giant balloon arch while you’re at it in just a few simple steps.

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