Succulent Planters and TerrariumsSucculents are SO in right now and I’m loving the trend. Dollar Tree must be, too, because the stores are stocked with the most adorable $1 potted artificial succulents. They even have bamboo and cacti! How cute are these? They’re some of my favorite things to buy right now because they look so real and can be used in all kinds of decorations. I say they’re even better than real ones because they’re long-lasting and don’t need to be watered. Yessssss!!

I created my own mini succulent planter and terrariums to use as spring decorations around my house. But, these are also gorgeous as centerpieces or décor for weddings, parties, and events! Here are the supplies and steps you need to recreate your own.

Stock Up on Succs & Such:

  • Succulents, Bamboo, and/or Cactus
  • Sand (Any Color)
  • Accent Rocks, Stones, or Pebbles
  • Clear Glass Bowls or Garden PlantersSucculent Supplies

How to Create Your Succulent Show-Stoppers:

  1. Remove the succulent, bamboo, and cactus from their pots. (These are really easy to pull apart, so minimum elbow grease necessary.)Remove the tops of the succulents
  2. Pour sand into the glass bowls or garden planter to your desired amount.Pour sand into the glass bowls
  3. Pour in the rocks, stones, or pebbles on top of the sand in a thinner layer.Pour rocks in the glass bowlsPour rocks in the planter
  4. Take your succulent, bamboo, or cactus stems and push them into the layers until only the tops are showing. The glass bowls I used held 2-3 plants each and the garden planter held 5-6 plants.Insert the succulents on top of the rocksInsert the succulents in the planter

Pro Tip:

The sand and rocks mix together a bit when inserting the plants, but I liked the look of that! However, if you want cleaner layers, I’d suggest pouring in the sand, inserting the plants, and then carefully pouring and arranging the rocks around them.

I hope you enjoyed the latest Dollarista DIY… stay tuned for more! Be sure to check out other succulent ideas on the blog.

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