DIY Rain Cloud Costume for Halloween

October 8, 2019  |  DIY & Crafts  |  Written by
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Rain Cloud Halloween CostumeI love Halloween because there are endless ways to be creative and unique with your costumes. At the first sign of fall I start dreaming up the different costumes that we’ll make this year. Dollar Tree is the best place to buy all the supplies that we need without breaking the bank.

My son loves to wear his rain boots and run around in the rain whenever it storms. Therefore, I dreamed up this adorable rain cloud costume so he can be rain for Halloween, and as an added bonus he gets to wear his rain boots! Plus, it was easy to get all of the supplies I needed at my local Dollar Tree.

Please note: I made this costume to fit children, but it can all be made for adults as well.

Rain Cloud Costume Supplies:

  • Straw Brimmed Hat (Or Similar Style)
  • Cotton Balls (I used 3 bags, but you could use more depending on the size of the hat)
  • Light Blue and Dark Blue Construction Paper
  • Light Blue and Dark Blue Bakers String
  • Scissors
  • Single Hole Puncher
  • Adhesive Spray (Not Sold at Dollar Tree)Rain Cloud Halloween Costume

Save It For Halloween Day!

  1. I started with a white sun hat, lots of cotton balls and adhesive spray. I sprayed small sections of the hat, added the cotton balls to stick to the adhesive spray and repeated that process until the entire hat was covered.Rain Cloud Halloween Costume
  2. I then added additional layers of cotton balls to add height to my cloud. I let the adhesive spray dry for about an hour while I worked on making the rain drops. Since this hat will be worn by a toddler-age child, I didn’t want to overload it too much, but if making for an older child or adult I would definitely want to go a bit bigger with the cloud volume.
  3. For the rain drops I used scissors to cut rain drop shapes out of light blue and dark blue construction paper.
  4. Next, I hole punched the top of each rain drop.Rain Cloud Halloween Costume
  5. I cut 18” lengths of light blue and dark blue bakers’ string (the length of the bakers’ string will depend on the height of the person wearing the costume) and threaded one end of each string through the hole on each rain drop and tied a not to secure the end of the string. I chose to alternate my colors and attached light blue string to dark blue rain drops and vice versa. I repeated this process until all of the rain drops had strings attached to them.Rain Cloud Halloween Costume
  6. Next, I planned out where on the hat I wanted the rain drops to be attached and left a wider space at the front of the hat so that the face would not be obstructed by raindrop strings. I used the end of my scissors to slightly increase the pre-existing holes along the brim of the hat so that it was easier to thread the string through (Tip: Choose a hat that already has lots of small holes in the design to make attaching the rain drop strings easier)!Rain Cloud Halloween Costume
  7. For the first rain drop that I attached, I tested out how long I wanted it to hang off the hat to determine the best length for the string. With that knowledge I then threaded the other end of each string through the holes and secured them with a loop knot at the proper length.

Rain Cloud Halloween CostumeDespite the stormy weather, this Rain Cloud costume was easy and fun to make and did not require a lot of time or materials, which is a win-win for Halloween costumes in my book!

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