Glass Sports Mug Gift IdeaIs the way to your loved one’s heart through his or her stomach? If so, then we have a super simple and affordable gift idea for you. Give your favorite guy or gal a glass sports mug bouquet filled with favorite snacks and treats, just in time for football season! Use Dollar Tree’s $1 mugs instead of a vase and fill to the brim with popcorn kernels, candy, or shredded paper filler. Attach wooden skewers to candy bars, snacks, and more to arrange this fun, delicious, and affordable bouquet.Supplies for Gift Mug Idea

Take it up a notch with a few extra ideas:

  • Include lottery tickets, movie tickets, or other fun small gifts in addition to the snacks.
  • Create a color scheme by decorating the mug with his or her favorite team’s colors.
  • Attach game day tickets to one of the skewers with tape as an awesome surprise!

Check out what other Dollar Tree customers are saying about these awesome glass sports mugs!

  • “These mugs are an outstanding value and very well made. They are thick glass and great when put in the freezer to get frosted for a very nice cold drink experience. I highly recommend these mugs to anyone who enjoys a cold one!” – Stevethedj
  • “These mugs are an excellent value. They’re very large and thick. Very much worth the money!” – Luvcrafting
  • “I custom paint beer mugs and these are great for my projects. Great size and value.” – ErikaCallahan

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