DIY Super Hero Turtle Costume

October 9, 2019  |  DIY & Crafts  |  Written by
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Super Hero Turtle Costume At the first sign of fall I start dreaming up the different Halloween costumes that my kids will want me to make. They are always coming up with something unique that I have to make. Thankfully, Dollar Tree is the best place to buy all the supplies that we need without breaking the bank. One of my favorite costumes I have made for Halloween was my son’s super hero turtle costume using $1 supplies from Dollar Tree. It was both fun and simple to make at home. Check out how I did it below!

*Please note: I made this costume to fit children, but it can all be made for adults as well.

Super Hero Turtle Costume Supplies:

  • Tin Foil Oval Roasting Pan
  • Red Ribbon
  • Red Dish Towel
  • Green Spray Paint (Not Sold at Dollar Tree)
  • ScissorsSuper Hero Turtle Costume

Be a Halloween super hero with just a few items from Dollar Tree!

  1. For the turtle shell of this costume, I headed outside and used green spray paint to cover both sides of an oval tin foil roasting pan.Super Hero Turtle Costume
  2. I allowed the spray paint to dry completely on the first side before spray painting the other side (Tip: Paint the inside first and the outside last since the outside is what people will see)!
  3. Once the spray paint was completely dry, I used scissors to cut 2” slits on the four corners of the pan.Super Hero Turtle Costume
  4. I then cut two lengths of ribbon that were each approximately two feet long (the length of these two ribbons will depend on the height of the person wearing this costume).
  5. Next, I slipped the end of each ribbon into the slits in the roasting pan so that the ribbons were along the long side of the pan. I secured each ribbon end with a knot to be the straps of the turtle shell.Super Hero Turtle Costume
  6. For the ninja’s belt I cut a piece of ribbon that was a few inches longer than the child’s waist.
  7. For the headband, I cut a red dish towel to make a 2” wide strip lengthwise. Note: This just barely worked for a toddler’s head; for an older child or an adult I would recommend using a plain red bandana or a piece of red ribbon.

And with a few simple steps and minimal supplies, you have a great super hero costume!Super Hero Turtle Costume

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