DIY Word-Building Kit for Kids

March 27, 2020  |  Tips & Hacks  |  Written by
The Dollarista

Word Building Kit for KidsBack-to-school time is here! If you have a child or know a child that’s learning to spell, this DIY word building kit is for you. It’s so easy to make and took me just five minutes to put together using a few $1 supplies. Transform a metal lunchbox into a hands-on learning activity that’s both fun and functional! Perfect to use at home, at school, or on-the-go in the car, kids can practice their spelling and pronunciation practically anywhere.

Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • Magnetic Alphabet Letters
  • Metal Lunchbox
  • Wooden Craft Sticks
  • Scissors
  • Adhesive Magnetic Strips
  • Permanent MarkerWord-Building Kit

Easy as A-B-C:

  1. Use your permanent marker to write out words that your child is learning on each craft stick. Create as many as you want!Word-Building Kit Write Words
  2. Use your scissors to cut strips of the adhesive magnetic strip to fit on the back of each craft stick.Word-Building Kit Magnet
  3. Remove the paper backing and press the adhesive strip onto each craft stick.Word-Building Kit Press the Magnet
  4. Fill your metal lunchbox with the magnetic alphabet letters and magnetic craft sticks.
  5. Have the child open the lunchbox and choose a word stick to attach to the inside of the lid. Have them pronounce and spell out the word on the stick using the magnetic letters. Help them out as they go through the words one-by-one. Word-Building Kit Spell WordsDon’t forget to check out more back-to-school ideas on the blog!
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