Small business owners save at DollarTree.comWe hear from small business owners every day, telling stories of how Dollar Tree has saved them money and helped their small businesses thrive. They often tell us they love being able to stock their stores & offices with our budget-friendly $1 supplies. Here are some stories from our business customers:


Top-Rated Ebay Seller

“I have been a top rated seller on eBay for 7 years and have accumulated more than 5000 positive feedbacks to date. Dollar Tree is my supplier of all my shipping and packing supplies. In today’s economy it is more difficult to succeed with the rising costs of mailing and packing supplies. I use dollar tree for packing tape, tissue wrap, markers, ribbon, bubble wrap, and padded envelopes. It has enabled me to stay afloat by keeping these costs under control. Thanks Dollar Tree!”
       – PootieAnn, eBay Seller


Dollar Tree Makes My Packages Look Great!

“As a Mary Kay consultant, I pride myself in delivering my products packaged with eye appeal. Dollar Tree has brightly colored cello bags as well as baskets that allow me to market my gift service with style and pizazz. Dollar Tree is my ‘go to store’ for my open houses for Christmas shopping for my customers. I cannot thank Dollar Tree enough for the products carried to make my business and me look great at affordable prices. Thank you.”
      – GotMK4u, Mary Kay Consultant


Thankful Florist

“I own a small florist just a couple miles from my local Dollar Tree store. I am constantly running out of my supplies, but I never worry because I can run right down to my Dollar Tree every day if need be. I get all my needed supplies there. Very thankful for my Dollar Tree. Thank you.”
       – FlowersForLess, Florist


$1 Spice Blend Passes TSA Screening!

“About this time in 2013, I discovered Dollar Tree’s ‘Blazin’ Blends’ Memphis BBQ Seasoning. I hadn’t tried this before, but figured I had nothing to lose. I bought a couple of bottles and seasoned 60 pounds of rib-tips for a dinner I was serving to about 100 homeless men & women — a ministry of my church and something for which I’ve been responsible for for over 18 months now. Needless to say, the ribs were a big hit! I went back to my favorite Dollar Tree store, only to discover that they had only one bottle left on the shelf. I tried ordering online, but discovered that this is a ‘seasonal’ (no pun intended) item. Every couple of months, I would check a few of the stores to see if they had any in stock — with no success. At least not until I visited a store 1100 miles from home, in Warrenton, Oregon, where I was visiting and celebrating my Mom’s 90th birthday just a couple of days before Easter. They had one box with 11 bottles on the shelf, and no more in stock, so I took them all! I packed them in my computer back pack as a carry-on for our flight back to Pomona, California.

When passing through airport security in Portland, my back pack was pulled out as having shown a ‘mysterious powdery substance’. The TSA agent was instructed to sample swab four of the 11 bottles to make sure there was nothing explosive inside! The incident was rather humorous to me, but the TSA agent was very nervous as she handled each bottle. I offered to open one up and taste the contents, but that’s against their regulations. Eventually, everything was found to be OK and was passed by TSA.

When I got back home, I decided it must be the ‘season’ for seasoning, and when I couldn’t find the item online, I decided to call Customer Service. A very courteous representative found the item was in stock and I had two more cases shipped to my local store. All I had to do was pick them up about a week later. Couldn’t have been easier, avoided all TSA hassles, and shipping was free! Thanks Dollar Tree … this spice blend is now a favored part of my catering business, where I use it to season all sorts of beef and pork, and have customized it by adding other spices for specific recipes. With more than two dozen bottles on hand, I will be sure not to let my inventory get too low before I reorder again. At $1 per 9-ounce bottle, the price is unbeatable. When I ran out about five months ago, I discovered some people are selling it on eBay and for $5-$10 per bottle.”
DOilyBoidCatering, Caterer

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