Hallmark Cards in Stores August 30Call me old-fashioned, but I love pairing gifts with cards that fit each person and occasion just right. Whether I’m searching for a silly card for my little sister’s birthday or a heartfelt anniversary card for the hubby, a store-bought card can share words I couldn’t have said better myself. There’s no better feeling than scanning the aisle at the store until you find a card that makes you think, “Yup, that’s THE ONE.”

So, when I heard Dollar Tree was getting a whole new line of greeting cards on August 30th, I squealed with excitement (yes, really… I legitimately squealed). I couldn’t wait a minute longer to share the news with you!

Mark your calendars, because cards from Heartline, a Hallmark Company, and Expressions from Hallmark will be stocked in stores beginning August 30th. Hundreds of new card designs — exclusive to Dollar Tree — will fill the shelves starting at just 2 for $1… seriously, you really HAVE to see these for yourself! And, what’s more, select stores will even have four additional card brands:

Mahogony Greeting Cards

Mahogany enhances emotional connections among family, friends, and the community, and celebrates what is most beloved about Black culture.

Tree of Life Hallmark Cards

Tree of Life brings Jewish family and friends together to celebrate their faith and culture by honoring meaningful holidays and milestones.

Joyfully Yours Greeting Cards

Joyfully Yours lets family and friends express their faith in just the right way during holidays, special occasions, and moments big and small.

Vida Hallmark Cards

VIDA expresses the voice of Latinos across generations, bringing them closer together to celebrate life’s special moments.

Can. You. Believe. It? OK, my fellow card lovers, let’s update our calendars with birthdays and holidays in preparation for our upcoming Dollar Tree card hauls. Gas up the car, get a babysitter, and be ready to make tracks to your favorite Dollar Tree store on August 30th. With hundreds of new card designs to choose from, this trip is going to take a while, so plan accordingly! And in the meantime, check out DollarTree.com to learn more.

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